Words on paper, words

on stone, words on branches

will all vanish.

If these words and non words

are written on materials

that quickly decompose, that

last little more than a

second or little more than a millennium

what are they.

— Emilio Villa


Author: europanomad

Rainer J. Hanshe is a writer and the founder of Contra Mundum Press and Hyperion: On the Future of Aesthetics. He is the author of two novels, The Acolytes (2010) and The Abdication (2012), and Shattering the Muses (2015), a hybrid text created in collaboration with Federico Gori. He is also the editor of Richard Foreman’s Plays with Films (2013) and Wordsworth's Fragments (2014). He has also written numerous essays on Nietzsche. His second novel, The Abdication, has been translated into Italian, Turkish (Aylak Adam: Zepelin), and Slovakian (Cloaca). Other work of his has appeared in Sinn und Form, Jelenkor, ChrisMarker.org, Asymptote, Quarterly Conversation, and elsewhere. Hanshe is currently writing two novels, Humanimality, and Now, Wonder.

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