what ruins that remain

what ruins that remain

letters, words

in the earth ———————

scattered over space,
partially buried,

some hidden

some unearthed
like the remnants of an archeological site


what ruins that remain

letters, words

some destroyed
some fragments
some broken
in various stages & forms

of decay & destruction

whittled by history
whittled by time
whittled by civilization

whittled by each present

erasing each past
to create a future that never comes
but/and is only — ? — a force

of erasure

& destruction
a shattering power that opens a melancholic pathway
a force of violence & mourning
or which can give rise to each within us

thru our ability, or inability,
to countenance the merciless

shaping force of the future

like Apollo skinning Marsyas
for his desire

to sustain primitive,

primordial powers
the sublime Entartete Künstler


of genesis

Is this not an unending,

ceaseless oscillation
of unified forces

which both destroy & sustain each other
in order to create yet something else

between or out of them
& their contest
It is an agon that gives birth

to a monstrum
a creature too terrifying for us to conceive
but which has to be created
against our will
& in the midst of our destruction
Hence the mourning & melancholy
but also the terrible —— terrifyingly ecstatic ——


an ecstasy that annihilates

with all

its scintillating luster ——



Words on paper, words

on stone, words on branches

will all vanish.

If these words and non words

are written on materials

that quickly decompose, that

last little more than a

second or little more than a millennium

what are they.

— Emilio Villa